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I have been dressing to match my true identity since I was a kid, by sneaking my older sister's short skirts and party dresses out of her closet. I loved how the outfits made me feel...pretty and soft. Once my mother realized that I felt that much more comfortable in girl clothes, she took pity on her fledgling tranny slut and began teaching me what I needed to know to look and act like a lady. By the time I was in high school I had a full wardrobe of skirts, dresses, stockings, high-heeled shoes and sexy lingerie.

The first man I was ever with was much older than I was. He was 47 and it was the night after my 18th birthday. Being out in skimpy skirts and heels made me more brazen and hungry for attention than ever. I didn't even think of what might happen if he found out my secret. As it turned out, he knew exactly what he was dealing with and he couldn't wait to get me back to his house and teach me what it truly meant to be a woman. When I was ready, he took me slowly and gently, easing his cock into me while reaching around to stroke my hard "male clit" and telling me what a beautiful and perfect girl I was.

I've been with many men since then, but it's the ones who are tender and adoring of special girls like me who really turn me on. My ultra-feminine, sexy voice will ensure your understanding that I am a lady in all respects. Good sex, for me, is a magical and sensual experience, and whether or not it's your first time, I'd love to share it with you.

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